Fishing Report

May 10, 2023

It’s an exciting day here at Burkesville!

We have launched our new website! In fact our web designer just text me and told me that he tweaked the mobile version and everything seems to be running along pretty smooth.  Keep an eye out for regular reports here on this page on the website and on our Facebook page.  Keep your lines tight!

Captain Johnny Rush



Capatin Johnny Rush

February 12,2023

Last week ushered in some pretty dynamic weather changes. Although the water level on the Cumberland River maintained it’s normal high and low cycles, the cold front made the browns lock-jawed by the weekend,  while we did boat some stripers while fishing for browns, it was a pretty slow weekend on the river. Dale Hollow was suffering from high winds out of the east and low temps (38 plus about a 25 mph breeze on Saturday), again making the smallmouth pretty shy about biting.

This Week: We are seeing tempertures rising and the skys clearing – so it will be a mixed bag for fishing, though I am optimistic about the deep holes in the river and gravel points on Dale Hollow. Shad are going to be the best bet for Browns and Striper with large suspending Rapalas thrown over drop offs on Dale Hollow.

Water Temps: Cumberland River 44F / Dale Hollow 48F

One of the Stipers we boated on the river while fishing for Browns this weekend